Botio Kuo

Digital / Analog

Typology: Rendering, Photograph with Robot, Color Composition
Instructor: Devyn Weiser
Tool: Rhino3D, Grasshopper, Photoshop, Robot Arms, 3D Print
In collaboration with Andrea Baena, Wolfgang Eric Eisenhut, Agustina Alaines

“Since Evans’ essay published in 1989, drawing and rendering in architecture have become increasingly automated through computer graphics procedures — directional projection, clipping planes, photorealistic rendering, and so on. Questioning the sufficiency of digitality, the seminar introduces and explores techniques of representation that shift established hierarchies between the geometric and stereometric, the image and object.” by Devyn Weiser

By using geometries in three-dimensional environment of Rhino with grasshopper script, the digital effects is taken back into flat drawings with lines, strokes, fills. And it also introduced the visual effect of depth and volumetric reading on the flat drawing.

The other part of rendering project is based on photography of physical objects with robotically controlled camera in Robot House. The photography is taken with CMYK color filter, and it will be mapped back to the digital model in Rhino with Grasshopper scripts that exploit discrepancies in resolution and registration.

By reassembling physical objects with CMYK photos in two-dimensional layering, it produced the spatial effects in the final images.