STRATEGY : Let’s go Vertical

What happens when there is no more room on the ground in Los Angeles? It’s happening now. There is a problem being faced today by many major cities that are struggling to find space and are confronted with rising urban costs. If there is no more ground to hug, LET’S GO VERTICAL!

This project expands the SCI-Arc campus by literally duplicating the existing campus building and its site conditions. Due to site constraints and setbacks, the only way to duplicate the existing SCI-Arc building is by reorienting the building in the NEW DIRECTION (Z-dimension).

SCI-Arc’s historic depot building and its new neighbor to the East—One Santa Fe—have both made use of the term “Empire State Building on its Side” the long wall buildings have insulated the burgeoning neighborhood
from its industrial legacy, building walls around the still operable railyards. SCI-Arc, once a lonely cultural outpost in a barren part of downtown Los Angeles opened up the entire area to a new type of development.

With this proposal, SCI-Arc will once again redefine the character of the neighborhood by turning itself on its side. By introducing a tower east of DTLA, high-density development will follow once again in the trail blazed by SCI-Arc.

Location: SCI-Arc, Los Angeles
Typology: Campus, Office
Instructor: John Enright