Botio Kuo

Symbiosis House

Location: Silverlake, Los Angeles
Typology: Residential House
Instructor: Ming Fung

The nature of the tessellation is that though that sort of geometry it is a completeness has the ability to misread between part and core. It has the logic of part series of line distributing then can also identify the figures and make decision of them.

By trying to play on that and understanding these as a product of drawings and then my notion of three-dimentions in axonometric is a product of drawings.

Introducing a curvature figure from the tessellation by Escher as interior elements like furnitures, wall, and patterns on the ground to suggest a special moment or space.The contrast and contradiction is happened between exterior and interior.

“The calculated ambiguity of expression is based on the confusion of experience as reflected in the architectural program.” Robert said.